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Residential Letting Agents

Landlord Services

If you are considering letting your property, then you need to get in contact with us! Our advisers will be able to provide you with a list of comparable local properties to give you a realistic idea of what rent can be achieved in the current market. Anthony Fox Estate Agents will give you the confidence that you have the best tenant and maximum achievable rent.

We pride ourselves in providing not only high quality properties but also a high quality tenant. We therefore conduct a full reference check before the tenant moves in which includes credit checks, employer’s references and previous landlord references.

Our experienced letting consultant will keep you informed throughout the whole process and will follow the tenancy negotiation through to completion to give you the assurance that your property is in safe hands.

A combination of our high profile brand, eye catching board design, internet presence and proactive telephone marketing are the key factors to making our rental business the success it is.

We have been so good at renting your properties that we have quite literally run out of stock and desperately need new properties for the tenants we have waiting.

Unlike most agents we can charge our fees on a monthly basis rather than upfront enabling our Landlords to have an immediate cash flow.

Tenant renting guide

Tenancy Application/References
When a suitable property to rent has been found ALL persons aged eighteen or over will complete an Application Form and will be named in the Tenancy Agreement. We will take up references on behalf of our client, the Landlord, which may include a credit reference, an employer's / accountant's and previous landlord reference (if applicable). A payment to indicate your commitment is required when you submit your application and is held against expenses. The payment is non-refundable should your application be unsuccessful or withdrawn. Please note that this money in advance does not constitute a tenancy and is the administration fee that is payable to Anthony Fox Estate Agents.
Damage Deposit
Before your tenancy commences you will be required to pay a 6 weeks damage deposit. This deposit is held by Anthony Fox Estate Agents as stakeholders or passed to the landlord. The deposit is held against any damages or expenses arising during your tenancy and will not be released until after you vacate the property, all rent has been paid up to date and we have written confirmation of any costs for damages from both parties. No interest is payable to either party.
Tenancy Deposit Protection
From 6 April 2007 when you pay a deposit for an Assured Shorthold Tenancy, your landlord or agent must protect it using a government authorised tenancy deposit scheme. This is to ensure you get all or part of your deposit back when you are entitled to it and any disputes will be easier to resolve. Within 30 days of paying your deposit your landlord or agent is required to give you details about how your deposit is protected. This includes the contact details of the tenancy deposit scheme and what to do if there is a dispute at the end of the tenancy.
Agency fees
  • £120+VAT (£144) – Contract & Admin Fee
  • £100+VAT (£120) – Reference Check (per person)
  • £120+VAT (£144) – Check Out Fee
Inventory and Schedule of Condition
An Inventory and Schedule of Condition of the property, its contents, furniture, fittings and effects will normally have been prepared. It is important that you take care in agreeing the Inventory at the beginning of your tenancy as it will form the basis of any claim for damages, by your landlord.
Rental Payments
All rent is payable in advance by standing order. Should you experience any financial problems during the course of the tenancy it is essential that you contact Anthony Fox Estate Agents or your Landlord immediately.
Tenant's Obligations
You should be aware that responsibility for the property rests with the tenant during any tenancy. It is particularly important that any gas or electrical problems or water leaks are reported immediately and the property is fully secured when you leave it unattended at any time. In leasehold properties, mainly flats and maisonettes, the tenant will be bound by the rules and regulations affecting all residents within the block contained in the head lease.
The Agent's Obligations
The obligations of Anthony Fox Estate Agents will vary depending on which of the following services we provide for the Landlord:
  • Letting and Property Management
  • Letting Only
  • Letting and Rent Collection
No Sale, No Fee
TWe know we can rent out your property, but we have an option for your peace of mind. In the unfortunate case that we are unable to let your property, you won't pay us a single penny, it really is that simple.